About me


I am a visual artist, living and working in Oslo, Norway. I was born and grew up in Stranda in the northwestern part of Norway, a landscape and ahouse that I am still attached to. I knew early that the visual arts were my destination, my first comics came to life when I was 11 and I loved the drawings aspecially.

At 16 I started art education as one of Einar Aarø’ s pupils at Linja for Dekorasjon og Reklame ved Borgund Yrkesskole in Langevåg. After that followed a year with arts and crafts at Manger Folkehøgskule not far from Bergen.

During these early years as a student I made som very nice summer jobs, like in 1972 when I worked at the fish factory in Vardø – I am a hell of a good fish filet cutter! – And in the summer of 1973 I worked in the Red Cross Hospital in Oslo. It surely gave a new horisont to life. I also have spent some summer days as a tourist guide in the Geiranger Fjord.

In the autumn of 1972 I went to Münster in Germany and started studies in Visual Communication at the Design Department of Fachhochschule Münster. Five years later, in 1977 I graduated as a Diploma Graphic Designer. Besides a thorough education in all professional disciplines, I had gathered important lessons of life
and fluent German language. The years in Germany also gave opportunities for visiting other countries. Excursions about Art and Art History had gone to Rome, Paris, Moscow and many other towns.

In 1977 I started my working career as an Editorial Designer at Gyldendal Norsk Forlag in Oslo. After some months I returned to Germany again, but only for a couple of years marriage. In 1980 I was back in Oslo single again and ready for a carreer at TV.

I worked 20 years as a Tv Graphics Designer at NRK (Norwegian Broadcast Corp) in Oslo, from 1980 to 2000. I loved the combination of many disciplines; the tactile arts of 35 and 16 mm film, the video editing and VFX, and I was actually the very first Norwegian making computer graphics for our national tv in 1986. I operated the Quantel Paintbox many years and grew with the new digital age. I learned to love computers. A great number of animated titles, logos and VFX were made during these years. I worked for all kind of programs, but most of all for the Entertainment and the Children- and Youth departments.

During these years at NRK I also started to make my own animation films. The work gave nice opportunities to travel to film festivals, I visited the festival in Annecy regularly and many others, like Zagreb and Grimstad. They gave much inspiration and I joined workshops and seminars. My first own film was Tango Caramba in 1992 and Heartattack followed in 1997. I made most of the work, from idea to shooting, myself and in a very short time. The both films were screened at a number of festivals an on different TV stations throughout the world.

I have during all these years been occasional working as a teacher of Visual Arts, Computer Graphics and Animation, both in NRK TVs own educational programs, and in schools like HiO, Westerdals and NISS. Later years I have also been teaching Animation Art to kids in the Culture School in Oslo and other places, like in Steigen in the North of Norway.

In 2000 I went independent and my way of working is for sure affected by my earlier life and experience. My life is still made up of films and books; filled with music and impressions. I love to travel and to cook, I gather recipees in two blogs about cooking.

I still make my films mainly by myself, and by the time I hardly ask for money anymore. It simply takes too much time to wait for results – that are so often negative. My films are made possible by my love of macs and apps, and have to be seen as such – a single persons work. My animated short Red & Silver was finished in the spring of 2016 and is making its round at festivals all over the world. I am already well into next film project – The Last Day.

After many years in a steady working place I felt a desire to make something very different for a while. I finally made an old dream come true and attended Medieval Studies at the University of Oslo. It took 5 years and ended with a Mphil in Nordic Viking and Medieval Culture in 2008. My history adventure may very well manifest in future projects!


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