Red & Silver


A Film about Flying, Falling, and Finding a Friend.


Director, design, script: Margaret Emdal. Produced by: Margaret Emdal Film+Design. Production date: 10.03.2016. Made in HD, 2D comp. Time: 00:08:20; Format 16:9.



The world has great beauty, but it is also a dangerous place! One day may be your last – if a friend isn’t there to rescue you. Red makes a journey from south to north, from warm to cold, from light to darkness. On Christmas Eve he falls down in the snow, very far away from home. Then there is Silver! After a good meal they fly away to a warm place with new problems. – The film is dedicated to Mother Earth and all her creatures with wings.


W O R L D  D I S T R I B U T I O N

Gonella Productions in Marseille, France




14. July 2018 – The HOPE-FIRST, 1st UNIVERSAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (Spain) selected the fifteen most viewed short films of the 2017 online festival. They were unified into a single piece, and Red & Silver was one of them! They had a premiere on July 14, 2018, coinciding with the beginning of the revolution in France that proclaimed the rights of man. They were defending the principles of freedom, equality, and fraternity against its enemies of ignorance, fanaticism, and tyranny. Any collective, association, or organization around the world who wanted to collaborate that day, were able to broadcast this film online, or download it from the internet to process it in DCP, and project it in cinemas on that day.

Watch Red & Silver on the Hope First Channel on YouTube:


16. – 24. May 2018 – Red & Silver are ready for Albania! We are VERY happy for being among the selected of the International Film Festival Anifest Rozafa in Tirana.

20th March 2018 at 6 p.m. and 24th March at 3 pm: We are happy & proud that Red & Silver are once more screened in Italy. This time in the official selection at the Odeon Cinema in Bologna, in the program 2 of short films at the YoungaBOut International Film Festival.

21.- 24. November 2017 – Red & Silver were officially selected in the Green Vision XXII International Environmental Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia

27. October 2017 – FIC-ESMI – Alliance France de Bella Vista have selected Red & Silver for the Concourso Fic Esmi de Bella Vista in Buenos Aires, Argentina

21. October 2017 – From this day Red & Silver is published within the  Spanish internet festival Hope First 1° Universal Short Film Festival on YouTube! Watch Red & Silver and the entire festival from HERE!

12. October 2017 – Red & Silver is Selected in the Cyber Sousa Xiamen International Animation Festival of ASIFA CHINA in Beijing, China

26. September 2017 – Red & Silver are happy to visit Chile! They were in the official selection of the Cine y Derechos Humanos de Valparaiso, in Chile.

03. September 2017: Red & Silver is in the Official Selection of the September Edition of AAB – International Film Festival  in Calcutta, India.

10. – 15. July 2017: The 7th. Festival International de Cine Infantil Ojo Al Piojo will be held in Rosario in Santa Fe, Argentina, and I´m happy to announce that Red & Silver are in the official selection.

01. – 09. July 2017: Red & Silver have kind of returned to Pernambuco! Because, somehow, their journey started there. That´s why I´m especially happy to be selected at  MÁCÔ – Mostra Agricola De Cinema Orgânico in Serra Talhada, Santa Rita in Brazil.

24. – 25. June 2017: Red & Silver are in the official selection and nominated for best animation at iChill Manila in the Philippines.

23. – 26. June 2017: Red & Silver is SHORTLISTED at the Cardiff Mini Film Festival 2017! Happy and proud.

20. May, 24. June, 27. June, and 3. June 2017: On these days Red & Silver were screened in Lima, Peru as Official selected at the Sembrando Cine 2017.

16. – 22. March 2017: Red & Silver is officially selected for competition in the 12th Athens Animfest in Greece!  I feel happy and honoured.

27. – 29. January 2017: Happy to announce, Red & Silver is in competition in Berlin, Germany, at the 10.Green Me Global Festival for Sustainability, in the Cinemax at Potzdamer Platz!

17. – 23. of December 2016: Red & Silver went to Africa! In the Official selection of international films at the Nile’s Diaspora International film Festival in Kampala, Uganda.

20. – 25. October 2016: Red & Silver was officially selected by Los Angeles CineFest in LA, USA and was SHORTLISTED for the Finale of the September edition of the festival. A great honour!

14. – 19. October 2016: Red & Silver was in the Official Selection of the KLEFF – Kuala Lumpur Eco Festival in Malaysia.

20. – 21. July 2016: Red & Silver was screened in the Kid’s Specials-program at the SiciliAmbiente Festival in San Vito El Capo in Sicilia, Italia.

09. July 2016: Red & Silver was screened at the Divercine Festival for Children in Montevideo, Uruguay.

. . .

Some stills from the film:

. . .


. . .

-and some photos from the SiciliAmbiente Festival in wonderful San Vito El Capo, Sicilia. The most perfect place for a Red & Silver screening!



Please feel free to visit my portfolio site:



 ⓒ Margaret Emdal Film+Design 2016-2018

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