Den siste dagen / The Last Day

A B O U T  T H E  F I L M

The film is made in digital 2D. Director, design, script: Margaret Emdal. Produced by: Margaret Emdal Film+Design. Production date: 10.05.2019. Running time: 00:06:21; Format 16:9.

The script is based on a short story by Frode Grytten.

The old man wakes up by the sound of someone playing on his old piano that is out of tune. He is ill and he knows that his time will soon be over. But there is one more thing he has to do… it is time and he makes a phone call.


11.06.2019 – The World premiere happened in Argentina! We are proud to announce that Den siste dagen / The Last Day was a Finalist at Buenos Aires International Film Festival, Argentina.

14 – 16.08.2019 – We are very proud to be in the Official selection-program at FIFF – Feodosiya International Film Festival in Feodosiya, Crimea/Ukraina.

07 – 14. 09.2019 – We are happy to be in the Official selection at the Festival de Cine Infancia y Adolescencia in Bogotá, Colombia.

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See the trailer on vimeo:

If you want to see the entire film on Vimeo, just contact me. It is behind a wall and you will need a password to see it.

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